Følgende post er fra min engelsprogede weblog ramify:

Seems I was way behind when I wrote my post about wikitorials in L.A. Times, that is: editorials that the readers can be co-writers on. The experiment was given up shortly after – because of “improper material”, as L.A. Times says on the now blind side.

Sad thing that a good experiment at a mainstream paper should be stopped by vandals. But that one of the risks by letting readers join in. Hopefully they’ll give it a try later again.

I myself think that we should try things like that out here at my own little corner of the net – Ing.dk – Engineering Weekly. Wikis, mblogs, photoblogs, podcasts and videocasts.

We’ve got the broadband-connection at more and more people – now we just need the courage to try it out.

Too often we don’t try it out couse i.e. at Ing.dk we’ve got huge problems with breakin the limits of our CMS. Everything is soo slow, rigid and introvert, that it drains our potential for got try out the limits.

But – it should be my summer-wish: After summer to present my collegues for at plan for trying out moblogging, podcasting and the integration of wikis.

If we – if I – don’t try out – who else will?


  1. Jeg håber det lykkedes dig at få disse ideer igennem. Det kunne være fedt med flere medier i Danmark, der i højere grad udnyttede nye muligheder.

  2. ja, bestemt

    1) vi er tunge i r…
    2) vi synes altid vi har travlt – og det har vi
    3) journalister er – som så mange andre – ikke lynhurtige til at adoptere nye måder at gøre ting på
    4) det tager tid
    5) Ovenstående bør bare IKKE forhindre innovatin

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