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Tricky case – Judith Miller was yesterday sent 4 months in jail for refusing to tell the name of the person in relation to The White House who told her about a diplomat, Joseph C. Wilsons, who’s wife Valerie Plame was a CIA-agent.

Joseph C. Wilson had critized the Bush-administrations reasons for going to War against Iraq.

Judith Miller didn’t write an article, but she was called in to witness in the hearing. But she’s refused to tell the investigating judge about her source, which many believes to be Karl Rove, one of Bush’s closest advisors.

Other medias has told the judge about what they know – i.e. Time Magazine.

Well, I wouldn’t – if we journalist broke our privilege to keep a source secret – who could the whistle-blowers turn to. I.e. Deep Throat and Watergate.

Dan Gillmor has a post about it.


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