OK – the nice stuff first:

I’ve met a lot of interestering people, connected to some of them and got involved in a lot of interesting conversations. But to little of this happened in the auditorium. It happen when I talked to people p2p – not listening to paneltalks.

There several things that you can do a whole lot better next time.

1. Stop using the panel debates all the time. You take five  to seven people – and let them says something about their field in – well 4-5 min.’. It gets to random and not useful.

Use one-man/woman on the stage – giving a talk for 20 – 45 minutes with Q&A afterwards.

Panels can be good – if moderated strictly. And it didn’t happened very much. The outcome of the panels very to fluffy.

Interesting people who didn’t get the chance really to get in dialogue with the audience.

Give them the floor next time.

2. Have two tracks: Why not split les blogs up in i.e. two tracks – so you have plenum key notes and after that it splits up in different tracks. So it’s easier to target people. And more time to each speaker – so we can get more visions, tools and ideas out in the open.

3. Arrange more side-sessions – either organised by you or set up by people themselves. Give people the chance to discuss in smaller group instead of only O&A’s from the auditorium. Then they can get in a dialogue for real.

4. More food – bigger meals. “Fingerfood” – it just to little to live at after a long day.

Looking for a good example – check out Reboot in Denmark

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